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How to Know If Your Drinking Water Is PH Safe?

Are you one of those who like are looking for answers on how to know if your drinking water is PH safe? The answer to this is quite easy. Here’s how: Fill up a clean container with test water. Ensure the water level is deep enough to cover your litmus paper strips. Dip one of your test strips into the water container for a few seconds. Keep in mind that your litmus paper will either be blue or red. Red paper becomes red if it’s dipped in a basic solution. It will turn red if the solution is acidic. Just take note that a pH reading of 6 is ten times more acidic than water. Eggs and seawater (pH 8) are ten times basic than water.

When Did SEO Become Popular?

Google is a big part of our lives. We rely on it to find restaurants, movies, and even dates. But when did SEO become so popular? The answer depends on how far back you are willing to go. To find the earliest evidence of SEO, we have to go way back to the first search engine, Netscape Navigator. Netscape Navigator originally had no search function. But in 1994, the internet was growing fast, and Netscape wanted to get a piece of the action. They added a searchable index to their browser, but Netscape didn’t want to share its ranking algorithm, so it decided to hide it from the users. In order to improve their rankings, webmasters needed to know how their sites were ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to improve the visibility of the pages you create in search engines like Google and Bing. If you’re not using SEO for your site, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. This post explains some of the basics of SEO so you can see how you can use it to improve your site. It’s no secret that search engine optimization has become a vitally important aspect of online marketing. A good SEO strategy can bring in tens of thousands of new visitors on a monthly basis. And while SEO may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of marketing, it is still of paramount importance when it comes to driving traffic to your website. As with most other things that become popular, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been around for a long time. It’s only recently, however, that SEO has become important enough to begin giving it the kind of attention that it now receives from many people worldwide.

Significance of SEO

Search Engine Organization plays a significant role to any business or brand. Through SEO guidelines, you can help optimize your website to rank higher or on top of every search engine results. It is a business strategy that efficiently reaches out to your target market. Information about a product or service becomes readily available, whether they need it now or in the future. By employing this inbound marketing technique, consumers can easily find the answer to what they are searching for when they need it. A correctly set up SEO enables businesses to connect with visitors, convert into sales, and enjoy dividends in the long run.

Are the UFOs Real?

UFOs have been a controversial topic before and until now. Most of us are asking if UFOs are real or not. But the US Department of Defense seems like they give an end to this controversy after releasing their videos of the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). The video contains black and white, grainy, and short videos of the UFOs. One of the three UFOs has a similar feature to a flying saucer. After they release the three videos, they also stated that those are the off-world vehicles. This means that UFOs are real and concluded that it is from outer space trying to invade the world. When the US Department of Defense was asked regarding the leaked footages' release, they stated that they want to make things clear. The government want the public to know that the footages they released were real. But the things caught by the video are still classified as unidentified. Considering that we are living in a new era, sooner or later, there will be a new release of footages regarding UFOs from the United States government. But for now, the only thing that we can conclude is that UFOs are existing in reality.

How Did Google Become Huge?

There is a constant change happening on the web. Compared to previous years, the web nowadays made people more sociable by using various social media platforms. Only two smart individuals developed Google in 1997. These two individuals are named Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The philosophy of Google is to provide “the best possible user experience possible.” Google enabled a lot of people to know things that are not being taught in school. It also helped several individuals to become more socially-inclined. Aside from giving loads of information, Google and other social media platforms made everyone’s life way easier than before. There are lots of things that we should thank for the creation of Google. There is no doubt why a lot of people relying on Google when they need immediate answers to their questions. Google is a simple platform that gained its success because of the beneficial things it provides to its users. Google has become huge because of the things they made successfully. Its skills to adapt to the current situation, their aggressive stance when it comes to business acquisition, their philosophy, and their work ethic; all of these have contributed to the overall success of Google around the world.

Rules of Financial Freedom

When we say financial freedom, you are responsible for spending and saving your money. This means that you can enjoy a dependable cash flow enabling you to experience the life you are dreaming of. When you have financial freedom, you don’t have to worry about paying your bills and sudden expenses. Also, you don’t need to carry a pile of the burden caused by your debts. Becoming rich needs self-discipline. Being wealthy means, you are willing to allot your effort and time as you take the journey to prosperity. Most rules of financial freedom are related to your behavior, and we cannot deny that it would be hard for us to change our behavior. The rules of financial freedom include creating a plan, controlling your finances, learning, and understanding the art of negotiation, and the need to work harder and harder to reach your goals. There are several rules of financial freedom you need to know, and the four mentioned are just some of them. When planning to get rich or pay all your debts, it is important to follow the set rules of financial freedom. Take note that some rules require to change your behavior while others are just easy to follow; you only need determination and self-discipline.

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What is the New World Order or NWO?

What is the New World Order or NWO? There is a cloud of questions and debates over the true meaning behind the name. Some people take it as a global political term, while others believed it to be one big conspiracy theory. It should be noted that NWO was initially used just as World War 1 was about to end. The “new world order” was referred to as the new era of olden times, demonstrating histrionic transition in international politics and governance. Various interpretations emerged, but it is basically falling beneath the ideology of governing the world under new united efforts to recognize, understand, or deal with international conflicts and problems. Then again, the new world order is taken as a conspiracy theory never seems to end. To some, there is a theory of an underground formation of a new form of world government that’s totalitarian. The theory further hypothesizes that a group of the power elite, having a globalist scheme, is secretly conspiring to take over the world as authoritarian ultimately. These conspirators plan on replacing the current status of nation-states sovereignty to culminate progress in history through this new world era’s establishment. There are a number of allegedly orchestrated financial and political events that significantly affected the world, involving influential figures, both contemporary and historical.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Accused of Setting Dangerous Precedent Over Trump

The founder of Facebook, Mack Zuckerberg, was warned by a group of civil rights leaders because of his dangerous precedent to the US President, Donald Trump. Zuckerberg wants to remain Trump’s post on Facebook.
After their statement, the giant social media founder give them a video call. Last week, Twitter already hid the post of the US president for glorifying evidence. The post was about the recent widespread protest for the injustice death of George Floyd. The staff of Facebook also speak out being angry with the decision of their employer. Then stage up with some virtual walkout.
In the said Facebook post of Trump, he wrote that he would “send in the National Guard.” It also includes a warning “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”
How could this be? How could a President write about this to his citizens? He should hear what the citizens are voicing out and do what is right. But instead, he posted what he might want to do. This is an attack on the freedom of the citizens.

Mr. Trump even shared it with his Twitter account with the same message. But it was hidden through a warning label that prompts the escalating row with the White House and the Twitter.
For several years the social media, Twitter, always resisted calls from the US president, Donald Trump, as they treat him just like a normal user and show him to follow the rules of this social media platform. On Wednesday, Twitter made a first little move by not removing his tweet yet adding some fact-checking link.

The company was given two choices (weather and hunker down the storm or to continue in taking actions but with the accordance of the rules stated in this platform. Then, the latter choice was chosen, and that was to call the President out because of his glorifying violence.
Some users might remove their tweets, and their account will get suspended. Today, it looks like there is no other choice between two adversaries – a huge battle of rights on social media accounts and the limitations of free speech in a moderate content starts to loom.

It is somehow hard to see that either side is slowly going down. Now, the White House is quite busy finding examples of leaders that may have been tweeted glorifying evidence which does not have a comeback. Meanwhile, other people are searching for other tweets of Trump that may already break the rules. For example, the spread of misinformation of the coronavirus’ treatments. Jack Dorsey, the boss of Twitter, had appeared reluctant to apply anything yet with most light regulation.

He finds himself being faced with an unappealing prospect on cracking down the world leader. The move determined was not to let other users simply retweet or reply to the post of Trump. Yet, they can still retweet it together with an attached comment.

Away from that, Zuckerberg is thinking differently from them. He strongly defended what his decision was. He wanted to leave the post of Trump on Facebook. It is because he does not agree with the words on the message of Trump. He added that the citizens or other people “should be able to see this for themselves.” Mr. Zuckerberg went for a meeting to discuss this issue. Then right after the meeting, three civil rights told him that his decision of remaining Trump’s post on Facebook was wrong. They also said in a joint statement that they are stunned and disappointed about the incomprehensible explanations of Mark Zuckerberg of allowing Trump’s post to remain on Facebook.

In addition, they said that Mark did not even show understanding about the modern-day or historic voter suppression. That Mark refused to accept that Trump is just facilitating a call of violence towards the protesters. On top of that, they have also said that Mark is just setting a dangerous precedent so other people would also voice out and say harmful things on Facebook.

The New York Times had said that through a virtual session of question and answer, Mr. Zuckerberg strongly defended his decision to the staff of Facebook. It was also reported that the chief executive said that Zuckerberg’s decision was a tough one.
However, in the principles of free speech of the social networks that the action of Mark was the right one in leaving the post up.

Yet still, some of the Facebook employees claimed that Mr. Zuckerberg’s act was just out of fear on what Republicans will do if this social media acted otherwise. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights’ president, Vanita Gupta; Color of Change’s President, Rashad Robinson; and NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund’s director-counsel, Sherrilyn Ifill signed the full joint statement and was released on the public during Monday night. Then the Axios published the signed joined statement online.
According to the spokesman of Facebook, they were grateful to the civil rights leaders of the community as they give attention and time to share the honest and candid feedback of Mark and Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg.

They added that they are looking forward to this important moment of continuous conversation to listen to. The Talkspace, a therapy firm, pulled out because of the partnership between Facebook as the giant of all social media over with its decision to leave up the post. The chief executive of the Talkspace, Oren Frank, tweeted that they do not want to support such a platform that shows racism, lies, and violence.

The CNBC added that Mr. Frank said that deal would be worthy of “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to their firm.
Barry Schnitt, the former executive of Facebook, wrote his open letter to the current staff that he believed that he was wrong on defending the approach of the firm towards freedom of speech during the past. He added as a corporate director for four years of communications and public policy that the promotion of free speech is not useful in getting a tough choice of card.

There was also leaked audio saying that Mr. Zuckerberg that the post of Mr. Trump was disgust. He added that this is not what he wanted the leaders to do or show up on this time of protesting. Other people who used Facebook told that the tough decision of Mr. Zuckerberg is right. That the citizens have the right to be informed of what was the President wants to do with them.
The citizens have the freedom of speech and tell what they want to tell without someone stopping them. They just want to give the justice that George Floyd deserves. As they already witnessed and saw how wrongful act led George Floyd into death. However, if someone is trying to stop them, they wanted to know it even though it is the President.

Some would say that the decision of Mr. Zuckerberg is wrong. That the post of Mr. Trump should be removed on Facebook as it can elicit fear or cause the public to panic. But what is really the purpose of the President in posting this message? Is it the same reason for removing this post on Facebook?
If, in the first place, the President thought that it would just elicit fear or panic to his citizens, why would he create something like this? Maybe he has his purpose, and maybe that was to stop people from creating or be involved with this matter.

Nonetheless, the opinions of people about the decision of Mr. Zuckerberg and their judgment about the Facebook post of Mr. Trump should be heard, too. Social media is now part of our daily lives. It helps people in many ways. With these platforms, communication became much easier.
The spread of information becomes easier too. Many people can access the information they needed. There are lots of jobs being offered with these social media. With the advent of technology, many people are in touch with these social media too. They can post their pictures taken from their trips or getaways, or they can tweet what is on their mind.
With the help of social media, people can easily say the things they want. Sometimes it became their friend and comfort zone. They are happy using it and making lots of memories by uploading on their most preferred platforms.

However, there are certain limitations that they needed to know and learn. These platforms have set different rules that needed to be followed when you have created an account. You need to be responsible for the things you put on your accounts. Social media is equal to responsibility; you must think first before anything – upload, tweet, or even your message.
You need to be smart about using these. It’s not a simple game that you can play with. It requires commitment and respect. You need to be committed to what you are dealing with. You need to respect the rules and other people using these platforms too.

Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook for people to use it properly. He never wanted to cause any problems; that’s why he set rules and limitations about this platform that he made. The post of Mr. Donald Trump might cause misunderstandings. That’s why he needs to be more careful not just because he is a respected person, politician but because he is a person that leads a million people. He is being followed, and most people believe what he is saying because he is a leader. Due to his one post, he was judge by many.

They may sue Mark Zuckerberg of not wanting to remove his post, or they might give the account of Trump some limitations. But what matters here most is the lesson that users get. That is to be careful and be attentive to what they are trying to say.
There is no turning back when many users have already seen or read your post. Be a responsible user. You might get hurt or misunderstood by other users. Facebook, Twitter, or any kind of social media accounts you have, know the rules and set your own limitations.